Cliquzcarte - Cancellation Policy


Whenever you visit the website of Cliquezcarte, it is significant that you select products wisely and make payment by debit card, credit card or cash on delivery as these are the approved resources of payment with the online companies. Once you choose the payment mode it is the confirmation of the order you placed. If you have some confusion and want to cancel the order which has been confirmed, the option is available for the customers. All you have to do is to follow the fixed cancellation policy of the

Cancellation Policy if the Customer Cancels the Order

Order Cancellation and refund of the total amount is viable under the circumstances like:

  • If Cliquez Carte receive the cancellation notice in 24 hours once the order has been placed by the customer. Once the order is processed and shipped it will not be possible.
  • You have the authority to cancel any order by calling us over phone or send an email before the order is dispatched. Cliquez Carte will cancel your order if apparent and appropriate message is received by the company.
  • When Cliquez Carte agrees to your request for any cancellation of your order, we immediately refund the sum paid to your account no matter whichever payment mode has been used by the customer. Please make a note of that all money backs are subject to usual banking processes. The money will reach your bank account in 7 working days or even before that.
  • In few cases when there are special offers or deals, cancellation requests are not taken into consideration even if these requests are made prior to the shipment process. We ensure that all our consumers are well aware of all the situations as the cancellation policy which we follow is clearly mentioned on our website and the invoices.
  • If by any chance the product received by you is not similar to the product displayed on the website or does not go with your expectations, you can contact our customer care service within 24 hours, the product will be called back. A suitable assessment will be made after carefully examining your complaint.

Cancellation Policy if Cliquezcarte Cancels the Order

While we try our best to dispatch every order that is placed with Cliquezcarte, there are few situations where the orders stands cancelled. Some of the situations are when the orders are cancelled from the companies side are:

  1. If the product is permanently or temporarily out of stock.
  2. If the product quantity is limited and the orders are in excess.
  3. Incorrectness in pricing or information about the promotion
  4. Problems recognized by our credit and scam detection department
  5. Where the address is not mentioned properly or if the delivery has to be made to the remote locations.

At times some extra information is required before accepting the order. In this kind of a situation, we will get in touch for the necessary information. Before cancelling the order we will contact and inform you before cancelling the order. If Cliquez Carte cancels your order after the payment has been done, we will refund the total amount within 7 working days.