Cliquezcarte - Privacy Policy

Privacy and Security

We acknowledge the trust you place on and we take full guarantee that we will protect your privacy. For this reason we put emphasis on the top standards for safe transactions and information privacy of the customer. We request you to go through the following declaration to get complete information about Privacy policy of Cliquezcarte. We are open to all your queries and feedback about this policy of ours and our privacy commitments and welcome you to contact us anytime.

Please Note:
The privacy policy of Cliquezcarte can change any time without prior notice. So, make sure that you are aware of new changes and it is recommended that you please review the policy after every 15 days.

By visiting the website of Cliquezcarte you agree that you are bound by all the terms and conditions that are found in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with our terms we suggest not to access the Website of Cliquezcarte.

By using our Website, you explicitly give assent to our utilization and revelation of your private information in agreement with our Privacy Policy. This Cliquezcarte Privacy Policy is included into and subject to all these Terms of Use.

Information collected by Cliquezcarte

Contact Information

We may ask for name and the user name of the customers who are shopping at our website. In addition, we may ask about the purchase history, address where the product needs to be shipped, contact numbers, email addresses along with any additional digital contact details. We may share your information in case it is required by law or any other government authority for any legal purpose if reasonably necessary.

Returns Information

The time you return the product to our website or ask for an exchange or refund, you are required to give your name, complete address, contact number and entire information that categorize you, like your driving license or Pan Card.

We make use of all the information we gather from you and confine off of your ID that is issued by the government to track and process returns which will help us in detecting and preventing fraud.

Demographic Information

We might gather information about all the items or services you appreciate, reviews that are submitted by you and website or placed at shop. Information like age or gender is also collected. We are constantly targeting on more and more satisfied customers and for this reason we continually enhance our product and offerings by analyzing profile data of our users and their activity on Cliquezcarte Website.

We recognize and make use of your IP address which will assist us in diagnosing tribulations with our server, and to manage our Website accurately.

Cliquezcarte employees will intermittently ask you to fill up online surveys. The contact information along with the demographic information pin code, income level or age can also be gathered during these surveys. We make use of this data to adapt your experience at Cliquezcarte and thus displaying the content as per your preference and interest.